Savings Bomba Account

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Beat the odds with our Savings Bomba Account

Because you never know when you might find yourself stuck and in need of a lifeline, our Savings Bomba Account is just the right choice. Take control of your cash management needs both personal and business with this one of a kind account that offers unlimited access to savings.

To open this account we ask that you are either18 or older and that you pay in TZS 1,000 as your opening balance and TZS 5,500 for your ATM card. This account has a low operating balance of just TZS 5,000 and an interest bearing balance of TZS 50,000; at the end of every year we will pay you interest of 3% while giving you no limits on how much or how many times you can deposit or withdraw money from your savings.

Upon opening the account you will receive your Akiba Commercial Bank ATM card which is linked to the Umoja Switch network.

Continue enjoying our low charges!

Saving for a rainy day should not be a burden therefore we have set very reasonable charges for you; you will only be charged a lowly TZS 550 every month to operate your Savings Bomba Account while applying for your ATM card will only cost you TZS 5,500. When withdrawing any amount up to TZS 10,000,000 over the counter TZS 1,100 is all you will be charged and TZS 1,000 if you withdraw from any of our ATMs. Withdrawing any amount above TZS 50,000,000 you will be charged TZS 1,100 plus 0.5% of the amount being withdrawn.

So, what’s in it for you?

  • Enjoy free Family Protection cover of up to TZS 500,000 for beneficiaries in case of a tragedy and TZS 100,000 in case your business inventory is destroyed by fire
  • Access to your money 24 hours and 7 days a week through your ATM card
  • Safety and security of your money
  • Easy access to Akiba Mobile

For further information please visit an ACB branch near you or call 2118340-43