Customer Centre

Our call centre is here to help you, speak to us today!

We have established a mini call centre so we can respond to your queries and address any issues you might have regarding our services. Currently, our centre handles ACB Mobile and ATM issues and we are developing it into a fully-fledged call center capable of handling all banking issues broadly.

Our aim is to provide you with 24-hour, seven-day service and assistance; from the loss of your bank card to finding our nearest branch or ATM, our call centre is a huge helping hand.

It’s quick and straightforward; simply call 0655-20-20-11 and 0755-20-20-11, e-mail us on

Our call centre puts you in touch with us whether you live on the mainland or in Zanzibar because now ready assistance is only one phone call away, any time, any day.

Call today for help and support.