Current Account

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Life becomes less complicated with our Current Account

At Akiba Commercial Bank we like to help you get more from your hard-earned money every day. Our current account, which comes along with a cheque book, will minimize most of the hassle that usually comes with the size of a company or institution.

With no limits on withdrawals or deposits, our account only requires that you are 18 or above to open and operate it with a minimum opening balance of just TZS 100,000, and you will walk away with your cheque book in hand.

Our charges couldn’t be more competitive!

Unlike other banks, you will only be charged a monthly fee of just TZS 5,500 and only TZS 220 for each additional transaction. When withdrawing money over the counter we will only charge you TZS 1,100 for any amount up to TZS 50,000,000 and TZS 1,100 plus 0.5% of the amount being withdrawn for any amount exceeding TZS 50,000,000.

Thinking of opening a current account? Consider this about ours:

  • Easy access to Akiba Commercial Bank loans and overdraft facility
  • Simplified transactions as a result of having your cheque book
  • Reasonable monthly charges and transactional costs
  • Safety and security of your money
  • Free transfers within our bank’s network
  • An optional ATM card where the account’s mandate is either to sign

For further information please visit an ACB branch near you or call 2118340-43