Biashara loans

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Keep your business running with rolling capital in your account and make needs such as buying stock less of a headache.

These loans are designed for all businesses from the smallest right up to vast enterprises.

Our Biashara loans guarantee you the following:

  • Low loan charges
  • An opportunity to grow and expand your business
  • A broad range of loan amounts and repayment periods
  • Access to many other banking services including ATM withdrawals 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Easy and quick access to borrowing
  • Availability of advice and professional guidance from the bank

How can you get a loan?

  • You must be 18 years old above
  • Provide one passport-size photograph
  • Your business must be operational for one year or more
  • You must submit your business licence
  • Your business must have a permanent physical location
  • You must have an account with ACB
  • Your property, its contents, or motor vehicle will act as collateral
  • You can use a lien to deposit arrangement as collateral

Applicants with a good record of repaying loans to ACB or other banks will be prioritized.

Terms and conditions apply

For further information please visit an ACB branch near you or call 2118340-43