Biashara Account

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Get your business up and running with our Biashara Account

This straight-forward non-cheque book account is designed especially for SME customers who operate either as an individual or a company makes sure your business transactional needs are properly looked after. The benefits this account guarantees will go a long way towards helping your business establish a foothold.

All we ask is that you must be 18 years old or older at the time of opening the account, that you deposit a minimum opening balance of TZS 20,000 if you intend to run the account as an individual or TZS 50,000 if you will run it as a company account. The same respective amounts apply for the operating balance.

You will receive an Akiba Commercial Bank ATM card which is linked to Umoja Switch or a normal ID in cases where the ATM card doesn’t apply.

Are there any hidden charges?

Because our Biashara Account exists to help you run your business smoothly we see no reason whatsoever to pile on you hidden costs that other banks are so keen on. Our charges are extremely reasonable and laid out bare; you pay TZS 5,500 upfront to apply for your ATM card which of course is optional; our monthly fee is only TZS 550; if your withdraw cash up to TZS 10,000,000 over the counter you will be charged only TZS 1,100 or TZS 1,000 if you choose to use an ATM instead. For any amount exceeding TZS 50,000,000 you will only be charged TZS 1,100 plus 0.5% of the amount being withdrawn.

Reasons to opt for our Biashara Account

  • Easy access to Akiba Commercial Bank loans
  • Our reasonable monthly charges
  • Guaranteed safety and security of your money
  • Free transfers within our bank’s network
  • Access to our Umoja ATM card which gives you 24-hour access to your money on any day
  • You can deposit or withdraw money as many times and as much as you wish
  • Easy access to Akiba Mobile

For further information please visit an ACB branch near you or call 2118340-43